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UX Design Job Interviews
Tips for your UX Design Portfolio
Writing UX Case Studies
Getting a UX Design Job
Writing UX Design Case Studies
Do I need a UX Design Degree?
Valuable Resources for Beginners
Maintaining a Design System
Building a Design System – Clips
Learning from Naval
Reality Checks about Passion
Building Resilience as a Co-Founder
Life Changing Books for Students
Journey of Raising Capital
Moving from a Job to a Startup
Top Notch Design Resources
Balancing Life and Career
Handling Pressure as a Designer
Designing for Scalability
Switching from Computer Science to UX Design
Attracting Better Opportunities
Designing for the Future
Recognizing Overlaps in Design
Should we be Specialists or Generalists?
Top 3 Resources to learn Design
The Secret of Growing Startups
How do startups get funding?
Activating your Flow State – Clips
Can UX Designers multitask?
Approaching a new Design System
Hiring Process at DisneyPlus Hotstar
How to become an Interaction Designer
Case Study: Tests and Result Experience at Unacademy
Case Study: Assistant Chatbot for Doctors
Why you should create a design portfolio
How to take User Interviews
Hiring process for UX Research
How to become a UX Researcher
Working as a UX Researcher
How to be a design mentor
How to be a Senior Designer
How to apply for design jobs abroad
Learnings as a Co-founder at Lisn
Challenges when starting a design agency
Design process at Brucira
Design hiring at Brucira
How to be a design founder
Designing an app for Prime Minister's Office
Internship at Microsoft Foundry
Internship experience at Zomato
Design Programs at IDC, IIT Bombay
Design internship interview process at Instagram
Design internship experience at Instagram
Case Study: GitHub Primer Design System
Design internship process at GitHub
Importance of design in Healthcare
Healthcare Design post Covid-19
Challenges when working in Healthcare Design
Case Study: NeoGo – Neonatal Transport System
How to get started in Typography
Designing typography for Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality
Thesis on Typography for Augmented Reality and future interfaces
MA in Typography at the University of Reading
How to level up in your career
How to seek new opportunities
How to build a Growth Mindset
How to prepare for international Design jobs
How to overcome burnout
How to build a Personal Brand
How Covid-19 will affect remote work and freelancing
How to become a full time freelancer
Differences between Freelancing and Consulting
Case Study: Spotify Redesign project
Case Study: Creative tools with AI/ML functionalities
Design internship process at Adobe
How to document your work
Case Study: Message templates for Chat UI
How to get a design job at Gojek
Case Study: Designing for price variants at Urban Company
Case Study: Actionable data insights platform
Case Study: Smart Tagger System for Microsoft Office 365
Case Study: Hatchful Onboarding – Shopify App Feature
How to get a Product Design internship at Shopify
How to scale up personal projects
Case Study: This Is Not Street Art – NID graduation project
Work profile as the Creative Lead at Unacademy
Design programs at NID
Self taught vs Design school backgrounds
Case Study: Immersive experiences and Messy AR
Case Study: Project Vox – Design Principles for Voice Assistants
Interaction Design program at CIID
Challenges when working in a hypergrowth startup
Experience as a PM at Bounce
Product Management hiring process at Bounce
HCI at Carnegie Mellon University
Interview strategies for internships and jobs
Case Study: Interface Design for Lunar Rover
Case Study: Zoom Agenda – Meeting tracker
Different kinds of testing and related concepts
How to make data based decisions
How to build Pricing Models
How to write a PRD
Hiring Process for Product Managers at Headout
How to get into Product Management
Case Study: Focus project for Hinge
Case Study: VR Project – Atom Virtual Theater
How to get freelance projects
UI/UX Design projects and work experience at Google
Design culture at Uber – Clips
Case Study: Uber Kiosk – Innovation Labs project
How to get a UI/UX Design internship at Uber – Clips
Case Study: Website Revamp at Fractal Ink Design Studio
Work and hack culture at Facebook
Case Study: Newsfeed polls for Unacademy
Case Study: Spectacle – System for children with Autism
How to get a UI/UX Design internship at Facebook
Case Study: Electronic Medical Record System redesign
How to get a UI/UX Design internship at Cure.Fit
Case Study: Redesigning social media apps
Case Study: Conversationally Dashboard Redesign
Case Study: Remi – Voice UI and Personal Historian Robot
Case Study: Microinteractions for e-commerce
Design at Unacademy
How to prepare your talk for events
My learnings from design conferences
How to get a UI/UX Design job at Unacademy
UI/UX Design Internship at Microsoft Garage
How to get a UI/UX Design internship at Microsoft Garage
Case Study: Designing a solar enterprise tool
Graphic design Internship at Chumbak
Design hiring process at Obvious
Case study: Designing SaaS emailers
Case Study: How to build a design system
Case Study: Designing a Hyperlocal App
How to get started in UI/UX design
How to get a UI/UX Design internship at Swiggy
Why students should attend hackathons

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