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Hiring processes by folks working in top companies

There is a gap between being a skilled designer and being a good candidate for your dream company. Learn how to get hired, career growth, and more. Leverage your resources.

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Case study walkthroughs from established designers

Proof of work is important to be acknowledged as a skilled designer. Get insights about process and problem solving. Write effective case studies, build your portfolio & apply to opportunities.

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Weekly live sessions to discuss, catch up, learn about design, product and creativity. Ask your questions, get answers and meet new friends.
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Experiences from Design and Product folks around the world 🌎

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Hi, I'm Abhinav Chhikara.

I’ve been designing products for around 7 years now. Most recently I was the Head of Design at Unacademy, an ed-tech startup that has raised over $400M from global investors like Sequoia Capital, Facebook, General Atlantic etc.

After building one of the biggest live learning platforms in the world, I realized I was dissatisfied at the state of design education. I quit my job to build #10kdesigners, a startup of my own – one that enables the next generation of designers and product thinkers. Welcome to Whiteboard.fm


Hi, I'm Mayank Khandelwal.

I’m a Web Developer and Digital Product Designer.

Currently I am working with Design and Product at CRED, a lifestyle startup based in Bangalore, India. So far, I have worked on projects related to Growth, Engagement, Revenue and Gaming.

I am also working in ed-tech by helping build #10kdesigners, a startup that enables the next generation of designers and product thinkers. Welcome to Whiteboard.fm

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